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Equipment Introduction

Double-head BIB filling machine is widely used in fruit juice, milk, syrup, wine, edible oil, additives, alcoholic drinks, 

concentrated condiments and other liquids in the box bag filling.

Double-head BIB filling machine is a special production equipment for liquid box bag products. With compact and flexible structure, 

only 1 operator can complete the filling production. Its PLC control system is easy to operate.

Double-head BIB filling machine is widely used in fruit juice, milk, syrup, wine, edible oil, additives, alcoholic drinks, concentrated condiments and other liquids in the box bag filling.

Process principle

Power supply → set filling volume → manual bag loading → start switch → automatic bag clamping → automatic cap pulling → automatic weighing filling

 → automatic cap moving → automatic cap pressing → automatic bag out

The Double-head BIB filling machine has the function of storing the last data set, so if the packaging specifications are the same, 

there is no need to set the filling quantity repeatedly at each startup.

Double-head BIB filling machine for juice packaging with adjustable filling range on demand

Characteristics of the equipment

● BIB filling machine, equipment parameters according to demand, production capacity can be flexibly set to 2L-200L.

● BIB filling machine is mainly composed of touch screen, equipment switch, emergency stop device, filling components.

● The material of the equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic pipe. The filling platform can be cleaned with water directly.

● In the control system, the filling quantity can be set quickly according to the production demand. The equipment adopts flowmeter to accurately measure, 

   and filling precision error within ±0.5%.

● BIB filling machine can automatically complete bag clamping, lid opening,quantitative filling, capping action, intelligent operation with one key to complete.

● BIB filling machine compact structure, covers an area of about 0.5 square meters, can be flexibly moved.

● Electric and pneumatic components use well-known brands, Such as Siemens control system, electrical configuration Schneider and so on. 

   Ensure low failure rate, reliable performance and long life.

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