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The raw green plum fruits are of different sizes, and multiple products should be processed rationally to maximize production benefits.


Combining the characteristics of the fresh plum fruit itself, and the customer's demand for diversified production, as well as the feasibility of the production process. 

Finally, the design department customized five production processes for the plum processing line.

First, the plums were first divided into three grades according to the diameter range of the original fruit, and then.

Small fruits are used for juice processing to produce plum concentrate and blended juice, which can be expanded later to also reprocess plum wine and other beverages.

The medium and large fruits are firstly poked into the core and then sliced and cut into pieces, which are processed into ready-to-eat preserved fruits 

and fruit slices for tea through smoking and freeze-drying process, and the freeze-dried pieces can be made into punch for drinking after grinding powder.

In addition, from the concentration ratio of concentrated paste, the taste of smoked fruits, to the packaging specifications of the processed finished products, 

the size and bag shape of the bags, we also provide detailed production solutions for our customers.


During the manufacturing phase of the equipment, the production department and the business department, together with the customer, 

communicated online and updated the production progress regularly to ensure that the customer could keep abreast of the project information. 

The last phase of the equipment, which was loaded and sent out on February 13, 2023, the after-sales team has also been in place in Sichuan.

Plum processing production line, entering the installation and commissioning stage.

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