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Aseptic Packaging technology is a new technology that packages, packaged goods, packaging assistant material and packaging machine are all under the aseptic conditions to filling and seaming. It is specially designed for large-capacity filling. The packaged material can be storage 12 to 18 months under natural condition, and the taste won’t change in 8 to 10 months.  It saved a series of cost and improved foods’ storage quality greatly.

2L aseptic bag filler


Aseptic bag filling machine is suitable for the aseptic filling of fruit juice, jam, pure grain beverage, wine, beverage, syrup, peanut butter, or its extracted products, dairy products, Chinese medicine drinks and other fluids.

Application scope of aseptic filling machine


The CHASE aseptic filler is mainly composed of aseptic filling system, flow (weight) measuring system, roller conveying system, PLC control system, man-machine interface, operation platform and so on.

The measurement method is by flowmeter or weighing type, the filling tolerance can be less than 0.5%.

The quantity or capacity of filling heads can be customized according to customer demand, to match the capacity of the the sterilizing machine before it.

Bag in Box (BIB) Filler: It is suitable for filling 2-25L aseptic bags. And filling accuracy is controlled by the flowmeter.

Bag in Drum (BID)Filler: It is suitable for filling 25-220L aseptic bags in drums. The material filling is measured by a weight sensor or flowmeter.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Filler: It is suitable for 1000L aseptic bags. The material filling is measured by weighing system.

Applicable bag type: 2 l to 25 l aseptic bag | 200 l - 220 l aseptic VAT | 1000 l aseptic tons box

Filling Spout: 1 inch spout (ELPO or VITOP) or customized spout

Aseptic filling machine filling specifications


Aseptic bag filler is the technical result from our technical engineers’ continuous improvement and innovation, based on our company’s years’ practical experience and the information feedback from customers, and combining with the technical character of domestic enterprise and foreign similar products. After connecting with aseptic system, it realized connectivity, on-line controlling, interactive communication and coordinated production between two devices. There do not pass any other mid-procedures thus to ensure the quality of aseptic material.

1.      Designed based on Italian technology, updated in the 13 years’ experience.

2.      The aseptic bag filler can be designed as single or double heads. The double-head aseptic filler can almost realize continuous filling, which reduces backflow and improved product quality.

3.      Aseptic Filler Composition: The machine is composed of aseptic filling system, weight measurement system, CIP cleaning system, SIP disinfection system, man-machine interface and PLC control system, on-line label printing system(optional), roller conveying system and operating platform. The aseptic filling machine can be directly connected to the sterilization machine, and the products after UHT sterilization can be directly filled in aseptic bags.

4.      Small floor area, high working stability, high precision.

5.      PLC control system, easy to operate, intuitive, with data recording function.

6.      The machine is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel.

7.      Applicable to different specifications of aseptic bags, can be customized according to the customer's filling mouth.

8.      Reliable cover clamp design, stable operation of equipment, safe and reliable products.


All parts working in the machine are from well-known brands with excellent and reliable performance, such as Schneider relay, AirTAC cylinder, E+H flowmeter, Spirax/Sarco steam valves, which could guarantee stable and continuous production time.

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