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 Shanghai Chase - 1T/H Hawthorn Processing Line

1. Fresh and ripe Hawthorns cannot be stored for over 24 hours at temperature of over 30°c.

2. Chain and plate elevators are normally used for Hawthorns elevating, which do little harm to tomatoes. The elevators are equipped with sprayers, 

letting the Hawthorns be re-washed during the processing of elevating.

3. Motors are equipped with stainless steel protective shield, which keeps the motors from rain and snow in outdoor.

Bubble washing machine/floating washing machine washes the Hawthorns by floating water,

Characteristics of the equipment

- There is no damage brought by bubble washing while the Hawthorns are thoroughly washed.

- Waste and sand sink to the bottom and are discharged by our special design.

- Rolling bar design and speed adjustable.

- The machine is equipped with a waste conveying system, sending the waste directly to the tank.

Hawthorn pretreatment production line

Company Introduction

Established in year 2008, Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd. has pioneered the industry by providing optimum quality Food Processing Machinery. 

Due to our professional expertise, we have been the industry leaders and thus our role becomes stronger to fulfill the diverse needs of our prominent clients.

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