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Equipment Introduction

This juice refiner is suitable for juice-dreg separation of vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers), berry fruit (kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, rasberry), 

pre-cooked softened nut fruit(apple, pear) and plants (stevia, tea, rose), and so on.

Process principle

Fruits and vegetables by the conveyor belt or artificial into the hopper, from the hopper into the round screen, by the rotating crushing plate crushing, centrifugal force is thrown to the cylinder screen near the inner wall, 

movement between the striking plate and the cylinder screen, in this extrusion friction and shear effect, small pulp particles and juice from the sieve out, 

The larger particles such as skin and core are moved and discharged along the cylinder sieve to the outlet under the action of the percussion plate and the lead Angle.

Fruit Destoner model number

Characteristics of the equipment

High-speed refiner produced by Chase in Shanghai,This juice refiner has the characteristics of automatic separation of slag, seeds, peel and juice, 

which can run independently or be integrated with other equipment to form an automated production line.

- The High-speed refiner is with high rotation speed and high juice yield, which reduces the loss of pulp.

- High processing capacity and high efficiencty comparative to old models.

- Flexible structure, adjustable distance between knife set and screen.

- Speed can be adjusted by frequency converter.

- Single-stage juice refiner and double-stage juice refiner provided according to client requirements.

- screen mesh size adjustable according to customer's request (0.3-3.0mm).

About us

Shanghai Chase  is a food processing equipment supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on the design and production of food crushing, destoning, pulping, sterilizing, asseptic filling equipment and a full set of solutions, 

to provide clients with customized consultation, design, manufacturing, after-sales service and one-stop turnkey project.

An office building in CHASE, ShanghaiCHASEs office in ShanghaiA production plant in CHASE, Shanghai


1.Shipping port
Shanghai (Other ports available if required)
Normally via ocean. Air available if required by customer.
The machines will be wrapped with plastic film or put in wooden cases.


1.self-owned land and factory
2.15-year manufacturer
3.100+ projects inland and overseas
4.self-owned technical team, manufacturing team and installation team


Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of food processing equipment since the year of 2008. With China’s leading food processing equipment manufacturing technology, the company focuses on providing high-quality equipment and services to food processing businesses. Up to now, the company has accumulated an experience of nearly 15 years in this industry. Our products cover the entire production line that turns mature fruits and vegetables into juice, jam, and dried fruit. With extensive experience and a variety of new technologies, we always design production lines and plant layout based on customer demands. Our products are sold both at home and abroad. In terms of overseas market, our products are marketed in nearly 25 foreign countries, such as Canada and Mexico in America; Thailand and Philippines in Southeast Asia; Ghana and Algeria in Africa; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan in the Middle East, etc. As for the domestic market, our products are marketed in many cities of China. Our fruit and vegetable processing equipment can be sold in any location that produces fruit. We attach great importance to the quality of the products: all parts and accessories are from global brand product. We keep improving our production quality by adopting a responsible attitude to both customers and ourselves. What we are pursuing are not only benefits, but also a win-win result with our customers.

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