• 5T/H Cencentrated apple juice processing line - Afghanistan 2016

    In May 2016, an apple deep-processing company from Afghanistan, in contact with Shanghai Chase, said it plans to start a 5-t/h production line of applesauce from fresh apples in February 2017, 

    in June 2016, the client organized a professional team to make a field visit to the production factory of Chase, and the process details of the final improvement and confirmation.

  • 2023 Customized complete plum juice production machinery for Sichuan, China

    In Leshan, Sichuan, there are patches of green plum forests, and plum appreciation as a tourism project has fully driven the economic development of Leshan. 

    in October 2022, a local food processing company, hoping to take advantage of the tourism industry to expand the green plum industry chain. 

    The client said it plans to put into operation a production line for processing green plum products in early 2023.

  • 500KG/H Tomato Paste Processing Line - Inner Mongolia, China 2019

    The investor of the 500kG/H small scale tomato processing line is from Inner Mongolia, the northern border of China. As one of the fastest growing provinces in China, Inner Mongolia is rich in resources, with the largest grassland, forest and arable land per capita in China, making it ideal for the development of production and manufacturing industries.

  • Customized 70g sachet ketchup blending and packaging line for Camaroon

    The processing plant from Karmalung plans to put into operation a tomato paste blending line, 

    processing raw material is concentrated tomato paste, the required capacity is 500kg per hour, 

    and the finished product is packaged in 70g sachets.

  • Automated two-in-one processing line for pear juice concentrate and NFC pear juice

    The fruit and vegetable deep processing enterprise from Guangzhou, plans to put into operation a pear juice concentrate production line in October 2022, 

    processing raw material is crystal pear, producing two kinds of products, NFC pear juice and pear juice concentrate, with a capacity of 2T/H. 

    The finished products have two packaging specifications, 2L aseptic bags for daily sales and 220L aseptic bags for storage, so that the enterprise can continue production.

  • High quality Coffee aseptic bag filling line allows users to experience the original flavor of coffee anywhere

    With the change of life concept and the upgrade of coffee consumption, 

    people's attitude towards traditional instant coffee has changed and freeze-dried coffee is entering the mainstream market. 

    A well-known plant finishing company from Huangshan, Anhui Province, the industry leader in low-temperature cold extract coffee, 

    is dedicated to the research and production of freeze-dried coffee. 

    In June this year, the customer visited Chase's factory and decided, after comparing and researching, 

    to have Shanghai Chase provide the raw liquid sterilization and filling equipment for the freeze-dried coffee production line.

  • SIX large capacity fully automatic continuous operation belt presser customized for Vietnamese companies

    The six belt presses supplied this time, three with a capacity of 5T/H and three with a capacity of 3T/H.

    As the two sides have cooperated many times, during the 6 years, we also continuously answer questions and provide technical support for the customer. 

    Therefore, for Shanghai Chase's equipment process and service quality, the customer is fully recognized.

  • UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice

    UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice

    It is suitable for filling 25-220L aseptic bags in drums. The material filling is measured by a weight sensor or flowmeter.

    Project time: 2016

    Location: Qinghai, China

    Material: Goji berry juice

  • High quality and stable mango pulp lines and fruit and vegetable juice processing lines in 2016

    Orange processing line.
    This product has received many praises from customers.

  • High quality and consistent berry juice production line for wolfberry berries from Shanghai, China

    Berry Fruit Processing Line, with compatible production function, may process blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, wolfberry and other berry fruits, the production of NFC juice, jam, concentrated juice, mixed juice, beverage and so on.

  • 5T/H High quality pumpkin pre-processing lines from CHASE- Hebei China 2021

    In 2021, Shanghai Chase, a pumpkin deep processing enterprise in Chengde, Hebei province, has customized this pumpkin powder processing line with a capacity of 5T/H. 

    The production process includes fresh pumpkin cleaning, stem removal, crushing, seed removal and capsule removal, UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization, aseptic bag filling.

  • 3 tons per hour Sea buckthorn juice UHT tubular Sterilizer - Shanxi China 2021

    Located at the foot of Buddhist holy land Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Wutai Mountain Seabuckthorn Products Co., Ltd. is a modern industrial enterprise integrating research and development, 

    processing, production and sales of various plant essential oil and plant extract series products. According to the current production demand of the enterprise,

    it needs a tube sterilizer supporting the production line of seabuckthorn juice, which requires stable production capacity, safety and efficiency.

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