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  • Customized Banana Pre-processing Line
    Customized Banana Pre-processing Line
    CHASE Customized Banana Pre-processing Line manufacturers From China,100+ projects inland and overseasBanana Processing Line
  • 2L-25L Aseptic bag filler
    2L-25L Aseptic bag filler
    Aseptic Packaging technology is a new technology that packages, packaged goods, packaging assistant material and packaging machine are all under the aseptic conditions to filling and seaming. It is specially designed for large-capacity filling. The packaged material can be storage 12-18 months under natural condition, and the taste won’t change in 8-10 months. It saved a series of cost and improved foods’ storage quality greatly.
  • Mango destoner and pulper
    Mango destoner and pulper
    Mango core and beating
  • UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice
    UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice
    UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juiceProject time: 2016Location: Qinghai, ChinaMaterial: Goji berry juice
  • About us
    About us
    Shanghai Chase  is a fruit and vegetable  processing equipment supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on the design and production of fruit and vegetable crushing, destoning, pulping, sterilizing, asseptic filling equipment and a full set of solutions, to provide clients with customized consultation, design, manufacturing, after-sales service and one-stop turnkey project.
  • Customized UHT Sterilizer manufacturers From China
    Customized UHT Sterilizer manufacturers From China
    The tube sterilizer is widely used in the automatic sterilizing filling system of fluid food. It can adapt to a wide range of product viscosity, and can adapt to fiber and particle. It is widely used in the sterilization of milk, juice, tea drinks, milk drinks, ketchup, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products and other products.CHASE Fruits Processing Customized UHT Sterilizer manufacturers From China,24*7 service time, quick-response
  • High Quality Fruit destoner - Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Project
    We attach great importance to the quality of the products: all parts and accessories are from global brand product. We keep improving our production quality by adopting a responsible attitude to both customers and ourselves. What we are pursuing are not only benefits, but also a win-win result with our customers.
  • Crusher, Pulper & Refiner
    Crusher, Pulper & Refiner
    Crushing and beating equipment for fruits and vegetables (compressed version)
  • UHT pasteurizer
    UHT pasteurizer
    Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) is a food processing technology that sterilizes liquid food by heating it above 135 °C (275 °F) for 2 to 5 seconds. UHT is commonly used in milk production, fruit juices, cream, soy milk, yogurt, wine, soups, honey, and stews. UHT material packaged in a sterile bag, if not opened, has a typical unrefrigerated shelf life of six to nine months.
  • China Mango destoner manufacturers - CHASE
  • NFC Tomato juice production line - equipment trial run
    NFC Tomato juice production line - equipment trial run
    Tomato juice is filtered, degassed and homogenized, then sterilized and finally filled in aseptic bags.The product can be stored at room temperature for 10-12 months.