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We aim to provide the highest quality Shanghai Chase.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Crusher, Pulper & Refiner
    Crusher, Pulper & Refiner
    Crushing and beating equipment for fruits and vegetables (compressed version)Shanghai Chase  is a food processing equipment supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on the design and production of food crushing, destoning, pulping, sterilizing, asseptic filling equipment and a full set of solutions, to provide clients with customized consultation, design, manufacturing, after-sales service and one-stop turnkey project.
  • China professional BIB manufacturers
    China professional BIB manufacturers
    BIB filling machine is a special production equipment for liquid box bag products. Compact and flexible structure, PLC control system is easy to operate, only 1 operator can complete the filling production.
  • Cencentrated apple juice processing line
    Cencentrated apple juice processing line
    Cencentrated apple juice processing line - CUSTOMER REQUESTIn May 2016, an apple deep-processing company from Afghanistan, in contact with Shanghai Chase, said it plans to start a 5-t/h production line of applesauce from fresh apples in February 2017, in June 2016, the client organized a professional team to make a field visit to the production factory of Chase, and the process details of the final improvement and confirmation.
  • Professional UHT sterilizing and Aseptic filling system manufacturer
    Professional UHT sterilizing and Aseptic filling system manufacturer
    The UHT Sterilization Machine can be used to heat treat various dairy products, fruit juices, beverages, syrups, soy sauces, wines, vinegars, and liquid medicines. It is mainly composed of steam system, material system, hot water system, cooling system and other parts.
  • UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice
    UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juice
    UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling system for processing Goji berry juiceIt is suitable for filling 25-220L aseptic bags in drums. The material filling is measured by a weight sensor or flowmeter.Project time: 2016Location: Qinghai, ChinaMaterial: Goji berry juice
  • Apple processing line
    Apple processing line
    In a large part of the world, apple juice is one of the most popular fruit drinks. Chase can supply a complete Apple Pear Processing Line for the production of juice, jam and puree. In these last decades, we installed Apple Pears Processing Line in many countries such as Argentina, Hungary, South Africa
  • Pear Juice production line
    Pear Juice production line
    The  Pear Juice production line produced by Chase in Shanghai is used to produce fruit juice, jam and puree. In the past few decades, Shanghai Chase has installed pear processing lines for many countries, including Argentina, Hungary and South Africa.
  • Uganda mango pulp production line
    Uganda mango pulp production line
    In the field of R&D and manufacturing of mango pulp production line, Shanghai Chase has made hundreds of project service experience and industry-leading production technology. Shanghai Chengxun has the ability to let you buy better equipment and enjoy more intimate service.UHT be manufactured in this way is good in .
  • Fruit Destoner High Quality Fruit destoner  - Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Fruit Destoner High Quality Fruit destoner - Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Fruit Destoner is especially suitable for mango, passion fruit, luo han fruit, peach, apricot and other hard skin, hard core fruit. The equipment can be used to separate and process the core and flesh separately, and is often used in the production line for the deep processing of hard core fruits.In the control cabinet, the motor rotation speed can be adjusted according to the requirements to adapt to the processing of different fruits.
  • Tomato Juice Production Line shipped to Ningxia, China
    Tomato Juice Production Line shipped to Ningxia, China
    Who are we?We are a fruit & vegetable procesing equipment manufacturing company from Shanghai, China.With more than 13 years of experience, we adhering to the principle of providing high-quality machienry and sincere service.We provide:Fruit and vegetable processing line projectFruit and vegetable crushers and pulpersHigh speed juice extractersSterilizersAseptic bag fillersCertifications of CE, SGS, BV, IOS9001, etc.Also can be provided according to client's customized requirement.With the creation of Shanghai CHASE in 2008.We strive to be one of the top suppliers on the fruit and vegetable processing machinery of China.Our service1. Pre-sale: We will give a quick feedback after your inquiry within 48 hours.2. Design work: Professional technical check according to customer's requirements. Corresponding notes and drawings for your reference.3. Quotation: Not only a detailed price list but also including each cost to reduce your extra concern.4. Manufacturing: daily QC process in the workshop. Positive communication in each period of producing, make sure your requirements are carried out completely.5. Delivery: punctual delivery to ensure your needs be received on time.6. After-sale: Focus on your needs continually, and timely settlement of other solutions. Ready for your next need.

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