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The product features high filtration efficiency. The sand separators have been used for the removal of silt, sand, and organic impurities. .
We aim to provide the highest quality Best Aseptic Bag Filler.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Aseptic Bag Filler
    Aseptic Bag Filler
    Aseptic Packaging technology is a new technology that packages, packaged goods, packaging assistant material and packaging machine are all under the aseptic conditions to filling and seaming. It is specially designed for large-capacity filling. The packaged material can be storage 12-18 months under natural condition, and the taste won’t change in 8-10 months. It saved a series of cost and improved foods’ storage quality greatly.
  • High Quality Tubular Pasteurizer Supplier for fruit juice milk processing in Shanghai - CHASE
    High Quality Tubular Pasteurizer Supplier for fruit juice milk processing in Shanghai - CHASE
    Tubular pasteurizer: Suitable for pasteurization of low and medium viscosity products, as well as products containing fiber and small particles, such as fruit juices containing pulp and fiber, concentrated fruit juices, beer mash, tomato juice and nectar, protein solutions, yeast and soft drinks. Production capacity is 1-10T/H.
  • 2T/H Aseptic Bag Filler - Uganda, Africa 2021
    2T/H Aseptic Bag Filler - Uganda, Africa 2021
    In June 2021, Shanghai Chase welcomed mango pulp production enterprises from Uganda, Africa. After communicating with customers to understand their production needs, we customized a two-head aseptic bag filling machine with a capacity of 2T/H as required, which is mainly used for aseptic filling process of mango pulp production line.
  • UHT Tubular sterilizer
    UHT Tubular sterilizer
    The UHT Sterilization Machine can be used to heat treat various dairy products, fruit juices, beverages, syrups, soy sauces, wines, vinegars, and liquid medicines. It is mainly composed of steam system, material system, hot water system, cooling system and other parts.
  • UHT Sterilizers in Mango pulp production line
    UHT Sterilizers in Mango pulp production line
    The tube sterilizer is widely used in the automatic sterilizing filling system of fluid food. It can adapt to a wide range of product viscosity, and can adapt to fiber and particle. It is widely used in the sterilization of milk, juice, tea drinks, milk drinks, ketchup, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products and other products.

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