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According to your production demand, Shanghai Chase can customize a complete set of tomato processing production line for you within 70 working days, each equipment is made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel material. The production capacity can be flexibly set to 5-30T/H.

Tomato processing production line can process raw materials including fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc., the production of finished products include:

- Salça

- NFC tomato juice

- Tomato sauce, ketchup and tomato drink

- Tomato powder

According to your production needs, the production line can package the products into aseptic bags, metal tin cans, sachets, freestanding pouches, PP containers, glass bottles, PET bottles etc.


Shanghai Chase will customize each equipment in the tomato processing production line according to customers' production needs, so as to save you from the complicated process of comparison and investigation of single equipment. Here, you can enjoy one-stop purchase service.

The tomato processing production line of Shanghai Chase is of high quality and has many advantages: 

1. Production capacity is customized according to demand: 20 tons/day -- 1000 tons/day.

2. Concentration rate of tomato sauce is 28%, 30%, 32%, 36% and 38%.

3. All the equipment of tomato processing production line is controlled by PLC, which can save labor cost and improve production efficiency.

4. The main equipment of tomato processing production line adopts SUS304/316 material to ensure the safety and health of finished products.

5. Shanghai Chase equipment has won more than 20 patent honor certificates, advanced production technology and mechanized production equipment, can ensure that the rate of juice production reaches 97%.

6. Evaporator in tomato processing production line adopts secondary steam condensation recovery system, which greatly reduces steam consumption.

7. Low temperature evaporation process can effectively improve product quality. Maximizes flavor and nutrients in tomatoes at low temperatures. For the cooling water of the evaporator, the external water tank is recirculated to reduce the waste of cooling water.

8. Each equipment in tomato processing production line adopts energy-saving design, low energy consumption and green environmental protection.

9. During the operation of tomato processing production line, each processing stage is clearly displayed, you can monitor and trace back at any time, and some important technical parameters can be automatically controlled and recorded.

10. The tomato processing line has flexible production technology, which can produce tomato sauce, NFC tomato juice and tomato beverage according to your needs.

11. Shanghai Chase will provide you with operator training services, and provide you with operation manuals in Chinese or English, as well as mango processing production line installation and operation guidance videos. Correct operation can effectively avoid equipment damage caused by operation errors.

12. All the machines of Shanghai Chase are equipped with accessories of world famous brands, such as man-machine interface from Siemens, flowmeter from Cologne, Germany, executive pneumatic components from Yade, electrical control components from Schneider and so on.

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